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Converse City Forests 

Converse City Forests is an initiative Converse started that brings beauty and air cleaning art to cities across the world. Converse contracted artists across dozens of cities from Bangkok to Belgrade and everywhere in betweeen. The goal of the initiative was to use a special paint that eats up carbon dioxide, to bring street art inspired murals to each city. Each mural was painted by local artists to bring truly authentic vibe to each city, all the with intent to help clean the air.

Partnering with Big Giant out of Portland, Oregon, I worked as the solo developer on this project. Converse needed a way to share all these beautiful murals in one central place online. As the initiative grew to more than a dozen cities, it didn’t make sense to only have this on social media, so I built a standalone site to showcase each individual city and give a little context and background, including an opportunity to promote the mural artists. 

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