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ElectionGuard software demo of rank choice voting system



Mircosoft, Center for Civic Design


Microsoft understands the need for better, safer ways to vote electronically. To come up with a solution, they assembled a diverse team to build ElectionGuard, an open source voting SDK that produces paper ballots for individual vote verification. There is no way to hack paper! ElectionGuard also runs on any hardware, so the hope is that election commissioners across the country, and the world for that matter, will be able adapt the hardware they already own to use our software.

As experts in civic design and development, our small but mighty team at Oxide Design partnered with organizations across the country to design and build a fully functional version of this product. I had the opportunity to build the first iteration of the front end. Microsoft even featured ElectionGuard at their developers conference and debuted it at Def Con.

Later on, Oxide partnered with the Center for Civic Design to build and test a version of ElectionGuard that incorporates Rank Choice Voting. I was the solo developer on this phase. It was user tested extensively and we hope to expand on this project as more districts adopt Rank Choice Voting.

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