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Future of MoneY

Foreign Policy – FP Analytics

The Future of Money 

This was my very first project at Foreign Policy. Within a few days of starting, I felt comfortable enough to get started with one of the bigger pieces the FP Analytics team had been working on for months before I even started working with this team. This is part 2 of a 3 piece series called The Future of Money. The Analytics team is a group of journalists, researchers, designers, and editors who focus on projects like this that are well-researched and go into depth on a topic unlike any other news organization. This team is sort of a bridge between academic writing and feature journalism. The results are always thought-provoking and incredible.

Pairing this incredible journalistic work with our talented design team, I get to bring these FP Analytics pieces to life on the web. This piece is a multi-thousand word manifesto on the state of crypto currency. It’s neither proponent nor detractor. Rather, like all Foreign Policy work, it provides an unbiased and in depth overview and analysis of where we are with crypto and where it could go in the future. 

This was an incredible first project. A wonderful way to get introduced to the team and the process. One of my favorite highlights as a developer on this was that I got to build a glossary functionality where a piece of javascript scans the DOM for terms and auto generates hover-activated tooltip definitions. Anytime the term appears in the document, it automatically pulls in the definition from json library.


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